Sunday, 23 March 2014

Avondale markets x Hall of Fame

So we finally got to shoot last Sunday.  The weatherman said rain from midday but he tends to be wrong on most occassions.  We were all running a bit late and the clouds started to set but we did around 6 hours of shooting at three different locations and the sun showed out not be outshone by us. 
Our Sunday Misfits model was the lovely Pipiana who had the knack of doing outfit changes in the car with very low visibility.  That worked out great for the location shoots as public toilets were scarce.  Remind me if this is a Len Brown issue... I had to use Amber and her pregnant state to try and convince cleaners to get me in to buildings so I could pee.  It actually worked. Stoked!

We got to Avondale markets as our first location – meeting point at Mr. Whippy.  We met Brendan and Reese.  Brendan is a street photographer and a member of TMD crew.  He’s done a lot of work and is present at a lot of street art events.  We were very excited to work with him on this!  We chatted about cameras and films and exchanged stories about instant film.  Prior to using the mini 90, I had been investigating the prospect of using the impossible project film which he said was super sensitive and it’s real expensive.  Glad I chose this path. Haha.  He brought along his friend Reese who is also a photographer. He only shoots on film and he’s been documenting the Avondale markets for years.  He’s working on publishing but for now, it’s still ongoing. 

We moved around the markets a lot finding spaces that could accommodate us, chatting to people that were happy to oblige in giving us a bit of their stall space and having general chats.  I had my fuji mini 90 as usual so I could document the day.  The looks we were receiving were equally as curious as the looks we were throwing back at the really interesting people that were there at the markets.  Singh was sitting at the entrance of the markets which reminded me of the time I went to walmart where they actually hire people just to greet you as you walk in.  Imagine the hard amerrrican accent with rolls of the ‘R’ saying ‘welcome to Walmarrrrrt’.  I walked over to him and he smiled as I approached. I asked him if I could take a photo and he was more than happy to.  I have a feeling he’s done it before.  Such a pro. I asked for his name and shook his hand and he asked me why I had an Indian name.  We didn’t chat for long but he gave me the confidence that I probably could keep going with this.

I walked back to the crew and Pip shared her idea of taking photos of people.  We looked around and both zoned in on this personality across the park.  We would later meet this person again and get to know her as Moe and she would exclaim to be the first tranny to rock Sunday Misfits.  I was glad to meet her.  She joined us for a few photos and at first when I took the instax of her, she was shy and covered her face but Pip is great with people. She spoke to Moe and gave her ease that allowed us to photograph her more and more and more.


We walked over the grandstand and found the preaching christians.  They made me anxious.  They always do.  As if judgement day was right there and then and every little lie I told in my life from when I lied about throwing my moms carpet away when our dog shit on it to the lie I said that I was a christian to her so she wouldnt hate me would come before me and send me away.  We took some photos around their Jesus camp.  Some dude was singing praises and dire warnings of repentance.  There were signs everywhere and I built up enough courage to walk towards them so I could ask for a photo only to turn around cowering.  Amber laughed.  I said I couldn’t do it cos she could see I am a sinner.   I would eventually get a photo of her after we moved to the next part of the avondale markets.  She wasnt as scary as I built her up to be.  She smiled and said yes and when I asked her to carry the repent now sign she said ‘no, this is my sign’ and picked up the believe in jesus sign.  I walked away so pleased with myself.

The community there was so uplifting.  It was so easy to start conversations, shake hands, and walk away.  I wonder why I couldn’t apply that in my everyday life and why it’s so nerve wracking.

It was a great day of shooting with some great people.  Some of the photos were shot on film so it will take awhile to be developed but we’ll keep you guys posted. x

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Madamoiselle C x CR

She said that it's better to be told you are beautiful than to be asked what you're wearing....

The first words on this post is what I could remember of what she said in a few of the times she was asked about fashion. She said that fashion should be more than the clothing.  It should be about the person, and so the beauty should lie within yourself rather than the clothing.  Don't you love that?

The French Film Festival is on at the moment and I managed to catch the last screening of Madamoiselle C, which is about the infamous Carine Roitfield - the ex-editor-in-chief of French Vogue.  Her intrinsic style of a liberal yet feminine sexiness as French fashion implies with the lingerie, the high slits on skirts, thigh high boots, the exposed d├ęcolletage showing just enough to be sassy but still staying classy.  She is Carine Roitfield.

The film introduces us to her world, similarly to the September Issue with Anna Wintour.  We follow her around and she talks to us in intimate ways, more intimate than Anna Wintour I felt.  The film shows Carine step out of Vogue into creating a self titled fashion book simply called 'C.R.' - where magazine meets book.  We see the shoots for the book, the figures behind the scenes, the shows she attends and we learn a little bit more about her as a person, a mother, and a partner, and what motivates her.

Carine Roitfield showed me a very human side which I loved. At one point, she was teary when speaking about her family and family to us is very important.  The film depicts her love for her family in a very sensitive and comprehensible way which is attainable for every woman unlike some of the glamour spreads she styles.

She said fashion is a dream , it is a dream for most aspiring designers, stylists, editors, and artists but even at the height of flashing images of all the beautiful and powerful people that she is associated with, she is admired for her respect for all people in her life from her driver to the her senior fashion editor of her magazine.  You see this throughout as we watch her rapport with everyone that appeared on the film.

There are a lot of cameos from Karl Lagerfield to Alexander Wang to Ricardo Tisci to Versace to Lara Stone to Kate Upton to DVF to Tom Ford who introduces the lead into how the world of R&B participates in the world of Fashion followed by cameos by Cassie Ventura, P Diddy, Beyonce, Alicia Keys and many more!

Fashion is a dream.  It is much so for us.  We're daydreamers.  We will forever be daydreamers but we want to create a dream that we can participate in.  We want to create images that are beautiful, desirable, inspirational and attainable. We aspire to be artists of our own craft whether we are styling Sunday Misfits collections or styling other shoots.  We want to exist beyond clothing and we want to empower through the images we create with other artists as well.  And both are just as enjoyable as each other.

Today, we were supposed to do a shoot with a photographer called Brendan Kitto but it was postponed because of Cyclone Lusi but don't worry we've got it sussed so stay tuned as we continue this journey with you.  I've linked his blog so you can see the amazing photos he's taken.  He's an incredible street photographer and we are very excited to create with him.  Don't go away.  We'll be back.

Merci et A tout a l'heure mes amis x

Monday, 10 March 2014

@Peace x The Plutanian Symphony

Last week, we had the pleasure of attending a screening for the upcoming @peace album.  I had no expectations coming in only to come out expecting more from artists and shows that I am to see.  After a while, there gets to a point when the same drink and the same party gets to a point of no return - by that I mean not returning to the same pattern.  I had been staying home lots and this was my first outing in a while so the thought of this kind of interaction made me excited but anxious at the same time.

The night approached and I was attending with my two best guy mates – Ty and Fil.  I could kung fu chop my way through any social anxiety with these two.  

Young Gifted & Broke is an eclectic bunch of artists.  Talented in craft.  Brawn in brand. A representation of the growing creative ethos we seeing more of here locally and this was a step into a new frontier, if not for them then for myself anyway.

We arrive greeted by familiar faces and how better to enjoy a night than with friends and family.  I knew there were family members because they were oh not so slyly taking photos of everyone.  So cute. Parents oh so proud.  About an hour and half after the besos and manos, we were ushered in to the stardome.  It’s so much smaller than what I remembered it to be which is strange because I really didn’t grow much more from adolescence.  What ensued was like an out of body experience except on a cosmic level.

It was intense – the sounds were loud and the moving constellations, planets and universes were hypnotizing.  I was a voyeur looking through a continuous kaleidoscope with sense of sight and sense of hearing heightened.  Like a kaleidescope, the album mirrored the sights projected onto the dome forming new images revolving and circling and transforming.  It was such a new experience for me and it was thrilling and captivating and left quite an impression. It left me a bit dizzy too I have to say.  I’m very weak when it comes to physical orientation. I always get car sick and I have to watch 3D in an empty stomach. I puked after watching Chronicles in3D.  uhh..

I can’t talk too much on the album because I haven’t had a proper listen but from what I do remember from the preview is that there were a lot of new sounds.  El Truento’s production is something sort of like what it would sound like just before a big bang or right after.  I don’t know how to describe it but his experimentation is bold.   Whenever I would get lost in these new sounds, I could always hear Brandon coming through with the keys or the drums.. he would always play just enough to bring me back to earth.  Layers of melodies and verses were like a trip too, like you were curated through their thought patterns.

Make sure you to check it out! More details here!

Just after the screening I managed to catch some instax shots of the 4/5 as Dicky was only there in spirit.  By the way, Dicky is alive.  He favorited a tweet. Haha.  

I got this dope ass Fuji instax mini 90 and finally learnt how to use the double exposure. 

The cuties L-R: Waiata, Babz & Eliza  x

Monday, 17 February 2014

sII.2014 x Sunday Misfits

Hi guys! Sorry for the delay in posting. It's been a hectic year of ups and downs and we couldn't be happier.  It's definitely an experience that can't be fabricated or lived through other than living it yourself.

We're about to do our second drop and as deadlines near, bank accounts empty, and excitement heightens for what is about to come.  We'd like to take this moment first to thank you all for sticking around.  We couldn't have done it without you.

Highlights in the past year:

  • Launching the label
  • Stocking at Arcade
  • Selling to the first person we didn't know (our lovely friends and family have been so supportive both emotionally and financially but we know that to last long in this game, we needed to talk to you all x)
  • Being featured on The Herald on Sunday (special thanks to Leigh xxxx)
  • Featuring on (special thanks to Lani xxxx)
  • Getting to dress the video vixen on the Midnight Gallery feat Raiza Biza video for Scars
  • Getting to shoot with Askew and Olivia
  • Getting pregnant - congratulations to H.B.I.C. Amber xxx can't wait to dress her with Sunday Misfits
  • Getting to wear Sunday Misfits while being interviewed on TV3's firstline and saying 'Sanitary Pad' on live TV (hahahaha.. I still laugh about this but it's a highlight for all those reasons plus it was for a charitable event that is very close to our hearts)
  • Last but not least although already mentioned - knowing the real people that love you and support you no matter what and learning who to trust and love back unconditionally

There are a few things that we have coming up in the pipeline that are either embargoed or are still in the process so please don't go too far.   

Monday, 19 November 2012

New x York

..... it was just like how I imagined it to be.

Here are some of the photos I took.  Some of them have small details that I love that you may pick up on.  I'm sorry I don't have much to tell.  Not that I don't have a lot to tell.  I just don't know how to start it but this is what I saw.